The Benefits of Audio Conference Calls for Business Clients

With the improvements in technology, teleconference, or audio conference, calls are quickly being replaced with video conferencing and meeting with colleagues using internet applications. However, audio conferencing is still an important business tool for many companies and business professionals. Here are five reasons for businesses to use audio conferencing.

What is a Conference Call?

A conference call is a telephone call involving several people at the same time. In some cases, meeting participants may be in different locations around the world. During the call, those who are participating will dial a specific telephone number at a certain time and be connected to the virtual meeting. They can either listen or they may be able to talk with others during the call so they can ask questions or present information.


One of the main advantages to an audio conference call is they are more reliable than using video conferencing or web meetings. Due to varying internet speeds, especially during times of peak usage, the video may buffer, which can cause some participants in the video conference to miss part of what is said.

Also, if you’re trying to have a video conference between participants in different countries, the time differences and internet access can present their own challenges. Regular telephone service doesn’t present the same problems and most audio conferences are easy to connect to, participate in and they are rarely disrupted.

Easy Participation

Audio conference calls do not need to be major productions. While they can be used for departmental meetings for medium to large companies with multiple locations, they can be used on a much smaller scale as well.

If there is a delivery and production issue for a company, the manager in charge of logistics can contact the production floor and the warehouse manager using audio conferencing to try to figure out the problem. The participants in the meeting can be given a number to call into as needed to discuss the problem and come up with a solution.

Less Expense

Audio conferences are more cost efficient for smaller companies and business professionals than video conferencing or some web meeting applications. There isn’t any special equipment needed to hold cheap audio conference calls like there is with video or web conferencing.

With video conferencing, a projector and screen is needed for participants to see each other. Web meetings are different because participants pull up a website and enter their scheduled meeting individually, which can increase the expense for companies who may need an entire department to participate in a web meeting.

With audio conferencing, there is a flat rate per minute charge for each participant. Most video conference and web meeting applications require a subscription fee, which is paid each month whether you use the service and there are usually different services available depending on which package you’ve selected.

Cheap audio conference calls can help your business keep in contact with other locations around the world or hold meetings with clients and other participants on an as needed basis.

Video Conference – Utilizing Futuristic Technology

Video conference equipment is being utilized by more businesses today than ever. The growth of this technology is expected to rise significantly over the next few years. Much progress has been made in just the past couple of years in the video conferencing industry. It makes communicating all over the world faster and easier. There are many applications and benefits for utilizing this futuristic technology, many of which are being used today.

Distance Learning – Education institutions from high school to higher education use video conferencing for students. This provides a way for students to benefit from lectures without having to be in the classroom. Even if you live in another country, you can get an online education as long as you qualify and can pay for it.

Business Meetings – The ability to communicate with people all over the world for business purposes through not only voice, but video communications puts people in the same location at the same time without the need to physically be there. This means it can be used for gathering co-workers and executives for meetings that are in various locations or meet with clients in other countries. The global benefits are amazing and far-reaching.

Employee Training – Much like distance learning, businesses can use this technology to allow several employees in various locations to get the training they need without being in the actual location where the training takes place. This makes business more productive because the employees do not have to be out of town for training. They can be at their location, get the training and go right back to work with only minutes of work interruption as opposed to days of interrupted work flow.

Private Meetings – Video conference systems can also be used for private meetings between board members of a corporation, sales staff or even between just two people.

One of the biggest benefits of video conference solutions is the lower costs. Without this kind of technology businesses would have to pay for employee travel and lodging. Plus, when the employees are not at their location they are not working which tends to decrease productivity. The use of video telecommunications goes above and beyond to help businesses all over the globe to effectively maintain productivity and lower expenses.

Video conference systems include monitors, telepresence audio/visual devices and software respectively. Some software can be used via instant messenger video calls where others can be added when necessary. Larger systems provide large display HD monitors and high-quality voice solutions for big meetings in large corporations. No matter what there is a cost-effective solution for almost any business for video conferencing.

Is GVO Conference the Best Web Video Conference Software?

GVO conference has launch its web conference service. GVO formerly known as have been in business for more than 10 years. It has been a lot of talk about this video conferencing tool lately. Here are some of the features that you can find on GVO Conference that you would not find in other services.

No downloading – You do not have to download anything to your computer like other web video conferencing services making it easier and faster to operate.

Pricing – the pricing on this is very low compare to the features and benefits you can get from this video conference technology. For only $8.97 a month you can get a room for 50 participants. If you are on a tiny budget this is one you can really afford.

Customizable – You can rebrand your room with your own banners instead of the GVO Conference banners. You can do polls with the participants.

More moderators – You can have more moderators on your room up to 8 presenters or moderators.

Available in 5 languages – Fully functional in other languages other than English you can get it in Spanish, German, Russian and Portuguese. This makes it truly global.

I consider GVO Conference to be the best video conference technology on the web available right now. This benefits can make them the favorite between all of the other web conference services. With is pricing and the languages available they can rewrite the history of how conferencing is made on the internet.