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Three Lifestyle Changes to Get Rid of Vaginal Dryness

Persistent vaginal dryness can put your personal life at a standstill. Occasionally the problem is a result of hormonal changes, but most of the time it comes from certain factors in your lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle in positive ways can help you restore moisture to a dry vagina. And fortunately, all the changes you need to make to see results are quite easy.

The first change you should make is drinking more water. Dietary guidelines recommend drinking around eight glasses daily, but few people actually consume this much. Dehydration leads to several health problems, including but not limited to vaginal dryness. Dryness of the skin in general, dizziness, fatigue, extreme thirstiness, and headache are other symptoms of dehydration. By increasing your water intake you will improve your body’s capability to produce natural lubrication in the vaginal area. Not only that, but you may also notice clearer and brighter skin, increased energy, and clearer mental focus.

Next, be more aware of your body’s needs during sexual activity. In general it takes women longer to become aroused than men. The problem with that is that women need to be aroused to produce vaginal lubrication. If intercourse occurs before the woman is fully aroused the friction on the dry vagina can be irritating, making vaginal dryness even worse. Break the cycle by giving yourself time to become comfortably aroused before having sex. You can also purchase personal lubricants to help the process along. If you go this route, choose something that’s gentle without added flavors, scents, or features like tingling or heating.

The third change to eliminate vaginal dryness is becoming less dependent on medicine. Over-the-counter and prescription medicines alike have numerous side effects. It isn’t at all uncommon for dryness of the vagina to be one of these. Antibiotics are one of the most notorious for causing a dry vagina. Any type of medication changes your body’s chemistry slightly. Not taking medicine unless it’s necessary and switching to more at-home and herbal remedies can help keep your body in balance and promote healthy vaginal secretions.

As you can see, it is not hard to reduce your chance of suffering from vaginal dryness by make a few basic lifestyle changes. Vaginal health starts with taking care of your entire body. Treat yourself well, eat healthy and drink enough fluids, and you’ll be starting on the right path to avoid a dry vagina altogether.