How Can Tuition Help Your Child?

When you send your child to a tuition centre they have the chance to improve more than just their grades. It’s true that most parents decide on tuition because they want their children to make better grades in school, but in the end most children come out with many other benefits that are worth far more than the grades. Many of these benefits will stick with the child throughout their entire lives as they become functional adults, parents, and productive members of society.

The biggest benefit any child can receive from taking tuition is improved self esteem. Children who receive low marks in school usually start to feel bad about themselves. They feel they are failing their families or that they aren’t as smart as other children or their siblings. There is a great deal of shame and embarrassment for children who routinely receive low grades.

When these children start attending a tuition centre they may start out weak and embarrassed, but they will end knowing how smart they are and what they can really accomplish. The process of going through tuition allows them to test themselves and experience success.

For many children, the success they experience in tuition will be the first time they have ever experienced success. It will be the first time they had a reason to feel genuinely proud of themselves!

This increased sense of self worth and self approval will translate into greater confidence during regular school studies. These children may still struggle some and will continually need their tuition studies to succeed, but they will believe in themselves more and that will make schoolwork less intimidating and defeating.

This increased self esteem will also stay with a child throughout their entire lives. The lessons learned through tuition will show children how to persevere no matter what life brings their way. They will know that with extra work and dedication they can get where they want to be in life.

Children who use tuition centre studies have a lot of hope for the future. Instead of failing out of school and feeling defeated and hopeless, they are able to bring their grades up and look to the future with hope. They no longer view themselves as failures and strive to make their families proud, rather than being disappointments.

Most children come to tuition because their parents are making them do it and they want to improve their grades, but in very little time they start begging to attend tuition. They want more of that success and their pride in themselves continues to soar. Life lessons are being instilled and parents notice big changes at home as well.

A tuition centre can benefit your child in all of these ways as well as others. Tuition can give your child the drive and ambition they need to earn higher grades in school and to get through the rest of their lives. You will be giving them the tools needed to be a success in whatever they take on in life.

Of course, the immediate benefit to your child will be an easier time in school and higher grades. Tuition can take a child who is failing and completely turn them around in time. Some kids improve rapidly while others have to work at it a bit longer, but all children can improve.

Does Private Tuition Help Improve Your Children’s Exam Results?

As parents you always want the best for your children. An excellent education can give your child the best start in life, but when they need extra help with subjects to pass their GCSE and A-levels in order to attend their chosen University or College, is private tuition really the answer? Will it really help to improve their results or is it a waste of money?

Well, new research has now proven that private tuition does improve grades at GCSE and A-Level. The survey, undertaken by students receiving their GSCE’s and A-levels results for 2010, asked them if they felt private tuition had improved their estimated grades. A staggering 80% of students agreed that private tuition definitely worked for them, increasing their results by an average of one grade, e.g. from D to C, which made all the difference for students gaining places at their chosen college or University.

At both GCSE and A-Level, the biggest potential for grade improvement was shown to be at the lower end of the grade scale (grades U – D), where students improved an average of two grades. Between grades C and A* students improved an average of half a grade (e.g. from a low C to a high C, or a high C to a low B).

Of course, those who used a private tutor once a week for three to six months saw a more notable grade improvement than those using a tutor for less than three 3 months. But surprisingly, there was little correlation between hourly fees charged by tutors and grade impact.

The average cost of tuition for GCSE and A-level among students surveyed was £22 per hour, which is more than reasonable when you consider they can improve their results by a grade or two on average, and therefore, you will have a very confident, optimistic and happy teenager on your hands over summer, rather than a self conscious, moping “Kevin”, due to having to repeat the year or being unable to attend their chosen university or college like their friends. Like any parent, I know which I will choose!

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The Key Benefits of Continuing Education for X-Ray Technologies

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