Does Private Tuition Help Improve Your Children’s Exam Results?

As parents you always want the best for your children. An excellent education can give your child the best start in life, but when they need extra help with subjects to pass their GCSE and A-levels in order to attend their chosen University or College, is private tuition really the answer? Will it really help to improve their results or is it a waste of money?

Well, new research has now proven that private tuition does improve grades at GCSE and A-Level. The survey, undertaken by students receiving their GSCE’s and A-levels results for 2010, asked them if they felt private tuition had improved their estimated grades. A staggering 80% of students agreed that private tuition definitely worked for them, increasing their results by an average of one grade, e.g. from D to C, which made all the difference for students gaining places at their chosen college or University.

At both GCSE and A-Level, the biggest potential for grade improvement was shown to be at the lower end of the grade scale (grades U – D), where students improved an average of two grades. Between grades C and A* students improved an average of half a grade (e.g. from a low C to a high C, or a high C to a low B).

Of course, those who used a private tutor once a week for three to six months saw a more notable grade improvement than those using a tutor for less than three 3 months. But surprisingly, there was little correlation between hourly fees charged by tutors and grade impact.

The average cost of tuition for GCSE and A-level among students surveyed was £22 per hour, which is more than reasonable when you consider they can improve their results by a grade or two on average, and therefore, you will have a very confident, optimistic and happy teenager on your hands over summer, rather than a self conscious, moping “Kevin”, due to having to repeat the year or being unable to attend their chosen university or college like their friends. Like any parent, I know which I will choose!